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Hello Diamonds! We are holding a competition for the chance to win our custom made "My Year" Necklace. There will be:
 ONE winner who will get a FREE "My Year" Necklace!
TWO runner up winners will get 50% off "My Year" Necklace!
As most of you Diamonds know we are a small business and working hard everyday to grow. So we are going to need your help.
A part of growing Carbon and Coal is simply just talking about it, and we thought it would be a good idea creating and sharing some fun,helpful and personal YouTube videos with you guys. This way we can share our stories, tips and tricks with our Diamonds while also spreading the word on CC.
- Like our last YouTube video 
- Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Follow link > CarbonandCoal
Competition ends Sunday 2nd August 11.59pm GMT +1 London, UK  
Good Luck Diamonds xoxo

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