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Carbon and Coal

Tuscan Unisex Perfume

Capture the beauty of a Tuscan sunset with the delicious scent of classic wood and leather. Engage your senses with an exquisite and refined scent perfect for both men and women. Hypnotize those around you with the awe-inspiring notes from this beautiful blend designed to entice and enthrall. Tuscan engages the mind and provides a mysterious and captivating scent those around you will love. Your scent is how you choose to express yourself to the world. Make it a story of confidence, prowess, and raw beauty with the spicy and daring notes from this unisex Parfum. You'll stay in the memory of those you meet long after you apply this signature Parfum with its long lasting scent that is never overpowering. Dare to inspire with this sophisticated mixture of natural scents, perfect for everyday use or for special occasions. Think 4 EV3R when you choose this alluring new fragrance, and bring a little bit of Tuscan romance into your life. 

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